Environmental Services

ICES has a diverse range of expertise in engineering and scientific disciplines and offers total management of your sites environmental requirements. 

ICES has the capability to manage but is not limited to the following:

→ Environmental Monitoring including installation & commissioning of environmental systems for discharges to waters and air,

→ Analytical Services

  • Recommendations,
  • Data Management; and
  • Reporting to the relevant authorites.


  • Licence applications,
  • Licence compliance systems and annual returns; and
  • Preparation and submission of National Pollutant Inventory (NPI)
Environmental Management Systems.

At ICES we are always researching new applications for ion exchange resins including: heavy metal removal, precious metal recovery, condensate polishing optimisation & sucrose purification.

Environmental Services

ICES can monitor, analyse and report on your environmental footprint.

contact ICES...let us discuss ways to improve your environmental sustainability.


ICES - Environmental Services Brochure